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Before You Judge Me – The Triumph and Tragedy of Michael Jackson’s Last Days (2016)- Travis Smiley & David Ritz + Leaving Neverland Documentary [.AVI] (2019)

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Michael Jackson’s final months were like the rest of his short and legendary life: filled with deep lows and soaring highs, a constant hunt for privacy, and the pressure and fame that made him socially fragile and almost – ultimately – unable to live.
With the insight and compassion that he brought to his bestselling telling of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s final year, Tavis Smiley provides a glimpse into the superstar’s life in this emotional, honest, yet celebratory book. Readers will witness Jackson’s campaign to recharge his career – hiring and firing managers and advisors, turning to and away from family members, fighting depression and drug dependency – while his one goal remained: to mount the most spectacular series of shows the world had ever seen.
BEFORE YOU JUDGE ME is a humanizing look at Jackson’s last days.
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